Support for Open-Source Software

Adding professional services on top

ExplicIT enhances open-source software

Fee-based support

We offer fee-based support for select open-source software, such as for Export-RecipientPermissions and Set-OutlookSignatures.

Add-on development

We develop private and commercial add-ons for open-source software, for example the Set-OutlookSignatures Benefactor Circle add-on.


We sponsor select open-source software and donate code. Some examples:

Dear businesses,

Open-Source Software can save you enormous amounts of money in comparison to commercial software.

Please consider sponsoring open-source projects to ensure continued support, testing and enhancements.

Invest in the open-source projects you depend on. Contributors are working behind the scenes to make open-source better for everyone - give them the help and recognition they deserve.

Sponsor the open-source software your team has built its business on. Fund the projects that make up your software supply chain to improve its performance, reliability, and stability.